4 Simple Tips for Facebook Branding Success

Facebook isn’t just for sharing vacation photos and snarky memes anymore. If you are a small business owner, or someone who manages sales and marketing for small business, then you should be using the social network to build your brand and connect with new buyers.

Obviously, there are entire books, courses, and seminars built on social engagement and advertising. But what if you’re just looking for a few quick tips to get started? Today, we want to share four simple pieces of advice you can use to grow your company on Facebook, even if you don’t have a lot of experience beyond posting fun things for your friends and family…

#1 Complete Your Facebook Business Page

It’s surprising how many businesses don’t have Facebook business pages. Your profile as an owner or manager is important to your branding efforts, but it’s far better to have fans and customers liking your company page—and driving new traffic to it—than it is to mix your personal and professional personas. Start a Facebook business page and complete it with logos, domain names, and real-world contact details.

#2 Post An Image Message Every Day

Image posts are 20 times more likely to get likes, shares, and comments on Facebook than simple text updates are. Knowing that, you could boost your visibility simply by posting one branded image per day. Preferably, you’ll want to use something that’s relevant to your industry and market, and includes your logo or company name..

#3 Guide Fans And Followers To The Right Places

Along with each image you post, you could include a link back to your blog, website, or Facebook fan page. In other words, find a way to take the interest your followers give you and turn it into a reminder of what you have to offer. Whether it’s information, coupon codes, or something else, give interested men and women a next step to take if they want to learn more or engage with your business.

#4 Follow Up On Comments And Requests

The comments, shares, and requests you get through Facebook are the currency that you can use to buy further interest and future sales. Don’t squander them by ignoring any of them or taking too long to respond. It only takes a few minutes to log into your account, answer any personal messages, and see what’s new in your feed. Do that a few times a day, and you’ll have a healthy formula for regular engagement.

These four tips don’t represent all you can do with Facebook, of course, but they are enough to get you started. Why not give them a try and see how quickly your following grows? Then, you can schedule a free consultation with a member of our team to see what other pieces of great advice we have to help you get more from the web!

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