4 Ways a Website Audit Helps Your Business

Wondering about getting a stronger business website, or improving your online marketing strategy to generate more leads and sales?

Your initial thoughts can probably include creating new content, launching a fresh ad strategy or redesigning your home page. But first, you might need to consider doing a simple business website audit. When you audit your existing pages, code, and content, you can learn a lot about your existing web presence. Also you can develop a sense of what you will need to do next to improve results.

Let’s look at four simple ways and see how a website audit can be more valuable than you think.

1. A Website Audit Can Help More Customers Find You

By using a number of specialized tools, a good web designer can crawl your site and evaluate the way Google’s search spiders will. They can also help you discover any technical obstacles you might have and improve your search engine rankings. That could help you attract dozens or even hundreds of additional potential customers to your website every week.

2. You Could Be Able to Speed Your Website Up

Why do interested potential buyers leave a website without taking action? In some cases, it might be because they simply aren’t interested in what’s being offered or can’t afford the product or service in question. However, numerous studies have shown that lots of visitors go away simply because they are tired of waiting for pages to load. With a website audit you can find and correct issues in your HTML that lead to slow page delivery times.

3. Website Audits Can Help You Uncover Online Security Issues

The majority of hackers out there aren’t using sophisticated tools or advanced programming skills to break into small business websites. Instead, they are looking for companies that have outdated plug-ins, broken software, and other issues that allow for easy access to secure data. With a website audit, your development partner can help you identify problem areas within your business website and minimize the risks you face from cyber criminals.

4. You Can Find the Parts of Your Online Strategy That Are Working

A good rule of business is to keep doing more of what works. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers aren’t necessarily sure which parts of their content are bringing them real-world results. A good web design team can help you analyze the analytics data from your pages as part of a detailed website audit. Then, you can continue with the ideas and activities that are leading to new sales opportunities without pouring time and money into underperforming campaigns.

Looking for Common Sense Web Design Advice That Works?

If you’re tired of hearing about quick tips that don’t work, and want to use your business website to generate real sales activity, it’s time to talk with our creative team. Contact us today so we can schedule a free consultation to show you just how we can help!

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