4 Ways to Make Your Startup Website Affordable

Entrepreneurs make for wonderful web design clients. Often, they come to us with unique ideas and a sense of enthusiasm about their products and services that can’t be matched. That makes their projects fun to work on. Who doesn’t like to see a great idea come to life, or hard-working person succeed?

Of course, the other side of the coin is that startups are often strapped for cash. They need unique and high-performing websites even more than established businesses do, but don’t have a lot in the marketing and promotional budget.

This can create challenges, but those challenges can be overcome. Today, we are going to give you five quick tips you can use to make your startup website a little more affordable…

#1 Know What You Need From Your Website

You can make any website less expensive – and more effective – by simply beginning with a sense of what you want to accomplish. Consider what it is you actually want your site to do, in terms of functionality and business performance. Do you want to sell products and services? Attract walk-in buyers? Get subscriptions? Figure out what the goal is and you’re halfway towards success.

#2 Begin With the Essentials of Content and Functionality

Because entrepreneurs tend to be people with big ideas, they often have a lot of different things they would like to see incorporated into a website. These ideas sometimes include huge designs and custom programming that isn’t really essential for brand-new company. If budgets are consideration, consider scaling your project back to the essentials. A good website is built to grow over time, and you may have other parts of your startup that need the funding.

#3 Get a Great Deal, Not a Set of Empty Promises

There can be an understandable temptation for entrepreneurs to go with the cheapest web design options. But, working with an overseas company, a DIY web template service, or someone who has no experience helping new businesses will likely lead you to a dead end. To be sure, you probably will save money in upfront costs. However, you are also likely to find that the website you get doesn’t actually help you turn your new business into a profitable venture.

#4 Pay for Talent and Experience, Not Extra Frills

It’s easier to get a great value in web design when you choose the right company to partner with. Specifically, you want to find a team with creativity and experience, but not one with the huge office and lots of overhead. That way, more of your dollars are going towards creating the end product, not paying for expensive downtown office space or high-end coffee drinks.

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