5 Bad Reasons Business Owners Put Off Web Design

Are you one of the millions of business owners who know they need a new website or at least improvements to an existing web presence, but put it off month after month? If so, the good news is you aren’t alone. Many of your peers are procrastinating as well. The bad news is that some of your competitors are taking action and might be well on the way to leaving you behind.

It’s human nature to put off projects that don’t seem urgent, but delaying improvements to your website is a losing strategy. For one thing, your online presence can be your most important sales and marketing tool. It’s nearly impossible to grow your bottom line these days with an underwhelming digital strategy. And for another thing, your excuses for putting things off probably aren’t as strong as you might think.

If you want a little bit of proof, let’s look at five exceptionally bad reasons business owners tend to put off web design projects…

1. They Think Their Website is “Good Enough”

There are great business websites, average ones, and those that are probably doing more harm for their businesses than good. Unless your website falls into the first category (and you probably know if it does) you are losing ground to competitors who are paying closer attention. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that what you have is “good enough” when you know other businesses are working harder to win your customers.

2. They Never Look at Their Web Analytics

This is often related to the first problem. A lot of business owners don’t know just how badly they are doing online because they never take the time to look into their web statistics. They aren’t aware that traffic is dropping off, that they’ve lost visibility in Google, or that they are failing to convert visitors into leads. That kind of ignorance can be bliss, right up until the moment you need to give your marketing a boost and don’t have the web presence you need.

3. They Aren’t Aware of Changes in the Market

It isn’t just your website you need to watch – it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your customers and competition, as well. Again, this is an area where many business owners simply aren’t as tuned in as they should be. They don’t know that another company has crept into the market, or that a competitor has made big upgrades that allow for better or faster service. In the digital age, your customer can buy from someone else with just a few mouse clicks. It’s important you stay up to speed.

4. They Don’t Know What Changes are Needed

In some instances, business owners know they need to make some changes to their website or online strategy, but aren’t sure which changes those would be. The answer is to get good advice from a creative team with a long track record of service and success. A company like ours has experienced web designers and diagnostic tools that can be used to find weak spots, bottlenecks, and new sales opportunities. You just have to ask for help finding them.

5. They Are Afraid of Business Web Design Costs

We saved the most common objection for last. Many business owners would love to have an updated web presence but simply feel like they can’t afford one. That’s usually not the truth. Not only is effective design often less costly than you might imagine, but it’s something that pays for itself time and time again. Wouldn’t it be worth exploring the price of a new website if you thought it could double or triple your profits in the next two years?

Want Better Web Design Results?

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