5 Ways to Use the Web to Increase Profits

Ready to start getting more from your website and internet marketing campaigns?

Lots of business owners talk about embracing the web and making the most out of online opportunities, however many end up pursuing the same strategies month after month. The first step to avoiding that kind of frustration is knowing what you have to do. If you want this year to be your most successful yet, look at these five ways to increase profits:

#1 Bring Focus to Your Campaigns

A lot of businesses want to market to “everybody” when they should be aiming for a niche within their own markets. By narrowing your focus – by geographical location, customer type, etc. – then you spend less money on things like advertising and promotion while increasing the odds that the customers you do find will buy more and stay with you longer.

#2 Convert More Visitors Into Leads

Attracting visitors to your website is great, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t turn those visitors into sales opportunities. Don’t just concentrate on improving your search engine rank or bidding for a better AdWords position. Pay attention to your analytics to ensure your landing pages are converting at a high rate, as well.

#3 Improve Your Online Reputation

Most customers are going to look up your business before they pick up the phone or share their credit card number. This means that reviews, testimonials, and other information which builds your credibility (or detracts from it) will have a huge impact on sales. Make this year the year you do more to improve your online reputation and see what kind of effect that has on sales.

#4 Use the Ultimate Low-Cost Tool

Blogs and newsletters devote most of their attention to search engine optimization, social media, and other topics that are more “exciting” for marketers. But, good old-fashioned email newsletters remain one of the lowest-cost, highest-profit channels a business can use to find and retain customers. Get good at email and you’ll have a constant source of new sales.

#5 Embrace Mobile

In the past couple of years, mobile web has gone from being a trend to an everyday reality. More than half of all internet traffic these days will originate from a smart phone or tablet. If your website or Internet marketing campaign isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re missing out on some extraordinary opportunities.

Succeeding online is all about efficiency. By using these five techniques, you will find your best customers, turn more of them into sales, and communicate with them in ways that won’t break the bank. Why not put them to use and see how they can help your company grow?

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