Adding More Personality to Your Social Media Marketing

In many ways, social media marketing is the great equalizer. That’s because it puts small businesses—and even small business owners—on par with Fortune 500 brands.

In fact, we would argue that the little guys actually have an advantage. That’s because most people don’t want to see big-budget advertising when they go on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, they want to follow their passions, find interesting and offbeat stories, and connect with other people. Each of those is at odds with the mass-media approach bigger corporations follow.

Knowing that, how can you use your social media advantage in an effective way? The short answer is to add more personality to your profiles and feed. Here are a few reminders to help you do exactly that…

People Want to See You and Your Employees

A lot of businesses want to make themselves appear bigger, particularly on social media. In many cases, however, we feel this is a mistake. Customers don’t necessarily want to work with bigger companies and a lot of industries.

By letting them see you and your employees—and in particular, photos that have your faces or show you working behind the scenes—you give them a sense that you are real people and not a faceless organization. That builds a personal connection, and an ongoing sense of trust and loyalty.

Follow a Playbook, Not a Script

One challenge of social media marketing for small and medium-sized businesses is that owners tend to either stay completely on message (and come off as inauthentic), or go so far off-scripts that they fall into personal rants and controversial points of view.

A solution to this is committing yourself to following a playbook, but not necessarily a set script. That is, know what kinds of topics or ideas you want to bring up in a given week, but be open to sharing a few personal thoughts and insights while responding spontaneously to messages and requests.

The goal in that sense is to be personal without being too personal. In other words, let your fans and followers get to know you, but don’t go out of your way to start an argument or endorse an idea that’s likely to turn buyers against you.

Introduction Means a Lot

All things being equal, customers want to work with businesses and people they can trust. And nothing builds trust like a referral from a third party who can vouch for your service and credentials.

Social media gives you the ultimate opportunity to grow through word-of-mouth advertising. Simply ask your best customers to leave great reviews for your work through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Or, do such a great job for enough people that they’ll naturally start to mention you to their own contacts. Either way, you’ll notice that your reputation will take off, and you’ll be making new introductions like never before.

Social media marketing and small businesses were made for one another. If more owners and managers understood that, they would push harder to release content, create introductions, and build buyer loyalty. Are you doing all you could be, to find and nurture customers on sites like Facebook and Twitter?

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