How to Create an Instant Online Marketing Video

By now, nearly every business owner and marketer knows that online video is incredibly powerful for grabbing attention and generating conversions. Yet many are hesitant to even get started with video, much less produce clips on a regular basis.

For most companies, the big stumbling block seems to be the amount of time and preparation it takes to produce a good marketing video clip… or at least the amount of time they think it has to take. Today we’re going to show you how you can create a high-quality video that your fans and followers will love—one that can be made in just 30 minutes or less.

Here’s our quick guide to creating an instant online marketing video for your business

Start with a Question

First, begin with a question that pertains to your business or industry. It could be one you’ve heard from a customer, something a prospect has submitted through email, an issue that’s come up again and again on social media, or just something you think your buyers have on their minds. Just be sure it’s relevant to your company and represents an area where you have a little bit of expertise to share.

Let Someone on Your Team Answer It

Once you have that question in mind, put one of your more articulate employees in front of a webcam (or use yourself, if you’re brave enough!), and have them give a 2 to 3 minute answer that will make sense to your followers. A successful video will introduce the issue on their knowledge level, include a few takeaways, and have a conclusion that leaves them with a better understanding of what you want to convey.

Provide a Resource

Don’t stop at just answering the question, though. At the end of your video, you should point to a resource that provides further information. This could be a blog post, a white paper, or even a longer, more-in-depth video. Don’t forget that the goal of your video isn’t just to get views and attention—it’s to drive leads to your content. If people are interested enough to watch your clip, they’re probably also interested enough to take the next step and learn more about your company.

Add Finishing Touches

Finally, it’s important to make sure your videos have high production value. At the same time, a lot of marketers go overboard on production when it’s really not necessary. Clean up things like sound and color if needed, along with any outtakes. Add a few links, statistics, or captions if they can make your video more clear or helpful. You can skip the special effects, though—just say what you need to say and get your video online!

Contrary to what a lot of people think, it doesn’t take a great deal of time or effort to produce high-quality video. Just follow these steps, get your clips online, and see what they’ll do for your lead generation campaigns!

If your video production process lacks any or all of these steps, then it’s no surprise your online marketing videos aren’t generating the leads you desire. Maybe it’s time to get help from a team of professionals who can help you turn your production into profit.

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