Getting Views and Results From Your Online Marketing Videos

When it comes to online video marketing, the majority of all business owners tend to make three big mistakes:

  1. They don’t take advantage of the effectiveness and affordability of video at all, ignoring a big marketing opportunity.
  2. They produce video clips that aren’t ever going to help them get the attention they want from buyers.
  3. They come up with great video clips but fail to take the right steps to ensure they will be seen by their target audience.

Because you’re reading a post on video marketing for small business owners, we are going to assume you won’t make the first mistake. And, if you read our first post in the series, you’ll have the advice you need to produce marketing videos that stand out. That just leaves the third mistake, which might be the worst one of all. Why go through the trouble of shooting and editing a great clip if no one is going to see it?

Today, we want to give you some solid advice you can use to get big views – and bottom-line results – from every online marketing video you produce…

Use a Descriptive and Compelling Title

When deciding what to call your online marketing video, remember that titles are important. Yours should be descriptive, but at the same time irresistible. Make a searcher feel like they just couldn’t bring themselves to ignore your video in a few words, and you’ll get views that wouldn’t have otherwise come your way.

Optimize Your Script and Description for Search

It’s important that the title of your video, along with the description and the script itself, contain some important search phrases. These factor into the search functions on sites like YouTube and bring you views. Additionally, Google can transcribe your content and use search spiders to crawl it for meaning.

Pick the Right Preview Image or Frame

This might seem like a small detail, but the first glance someone gets of the content of your video can make all the difference when you’re trying to persuade them to open it and view the clip. Make sure you choose a still image that’s relevant to your topic and encourages curiosity.

Promote Your Videos on Multiple Platforms

Once you have a great video clip it’s time to share with the world. Post it on your website, on your social feeds, and on video sites like Facebook. You might need a few different versions with different file types or resolutions, so make sure you match the right copy with the appropriate platform or audience.

Encourage Comments, Shares, and Feedback

In today’s online marketing world, even search engines have a social aspect. The more comments you get on your videos, along with likes and shares, the easier it’s going to be to spread your clips to multiple groups of viewers. So, it’s a good idea to ask the people who see your video to share their feedback with you and others.

Make Sure Viewers See Your Other Video Clips

In our first post in the series, we made sure to point out that every online marketing clip should end with a strong call to action. At the same time, it should contain links to your other videos, too. That way, an interested prospect who isn’t ready to buy or subscribe just yet can view more of your content and be persuaded.

Ready to Put Video to Use in Your Business?

Video marketing is an effective and affordable tool for businesses of all sizes, but your clips only have value if buyers actually see them and take action. With that in mind, we hope you’ll put these simple tips to use in your business today.

Better yet, why not contact our creative team so we can set up a time to review your website and online marketing campaigns together? Then, we can help you plot a way forward that grows your business with common sense strategies that work!