How to Double Your Blog Post Views

Posting articles to your company’s blog can involve a bit of a Catch-22. On the one hand, you definitely need to be producing new articles if you want to achieve a prime search engine ranking and generate online conversions. But on the other, it hardly seems worth it to keep writing new content if no one is reading what you’ve posted in the past.

Often, bringing readers to your blog is a matter of persistence. It takes a while for Google – not to mention real-life readers – to take notice of your efforts. Still, there are things you should do to accelerate that process and is worth it to maximize the marketing impact of every post you create.

With that in mind, today we want to share a handful of easy tips you can use to double the amount of readers you attract to every blog post you write…

1. Use Titles That Can’t be Ignored

Take a cue from professional editors. They use titles they know will stop you from thinking about whatever was already in your mind and grab your attention. You should do the same if you want people to read your blog posts. Just don’t go so far over the top that you lose your credibility.

2. Start Off With a Bang

The first couple of paragraphs within your blog post should introduce a problem, an idea, or share some interesting statistic. The idea is to hook readers in with your concept so they’ll keep reading to discover the solution or ending. In other words, start off with a bang and readers will stick around.

3. Write a Meta Description That Sells

When it comes to blog post marketing, a meta description isn’t really a “description” at all. Certainly, it should summarize your article, but should also serve as a selling point for potential readers who see your blog post listed on Google. Use your meta description to convince them it’s worth their time to click through.

4. Choose a Very Specific Type of Image

It’s never a good idea to follow any hard-and-fast guidelines when it comes to internet marketing, but as a general rule, you should pair your blog articles with images of human faces, animals, and bright colors. All of these are naturally attractive to the human eye and can entice a potential reader to click on a specific item.

5. Promote Your Post

Far too many marketers settle for promoting their blog post or search engine optimization. Keywords and other SEO details are important, of course, but you should definitely try to bring readers in through social media, boosted posts, and links from your email newsletter. With just a little effort, you can attract a lot more attention.

6. Bring Readers From Other Blogs

Although your goal should be to bring more readers to your own blog, the best way to accomplish that might be to write for someone else. Guest posting won’t do much to increase your search visibility, but it can help you build a name and attract referral visits from better-known websites.

7. Don’t Forget Internal Links

The easiest way to get traffic to a one blog post is by bringing in readers who have already checked out your other articles. So, when it’s appropriate be sure to include internal links from one post to another. You might be surprised how long readers will hang out if they like the feel of your content.


At The Marcom Group, we know what it takes to put together quality content. If your blog hasn’t been bringing you the kinds of attention and marketing results you hoped for, it might be time to put this advice to use and draw a bigger readership. Or, for an intensive top-to-bottom review of your website and online marketing plan, contact our creative team for a free consultation today!