How to Get Your 2019 Marketing Off to a Hot Start

Did you make big plans for your 2018 marketing, and feel like the year got away from you? Are you tired of watching your competitors get more search engine visits or social media engagement?

Successful digital strategies are planned in advance and executed with precision to generate new revenue. If you are ready to make 2019 your best year, here is what you can do to get off to a hot start in January.

1. Have a Set of Measurable Goals in Place

Many of the new clients who arrive in our office tell us they want “more sales.” We ask them to get more specific. We want to know where those sales should come from, how many of them they need, and what steps buyers usually take before opening an account or placing an order.

You can’t hit a target you can’t see. So it’s best to start a new year with a plan of specific and measurable online marketing goals in place.

2. Break Your Plan into Activities

Having a set of firm targets is important. But if you don’t reach your targets, all you’ve created can only become a wish list. The next step is to turn your goal into a set of activities that can help you achieve the right results.

This is an area where a good marketing team can be a huge help. You might not know what sort of activities are crucial to accomplish the sales and revenue goals you’ve set for your company.

3. Set a Budget or Schedule

Once you know what you want to accomplish and how much work needs to be done, it’s time to get into logistics and restraints. That means setting a budget, schedule, or combination of each. You need to know who will perform these activities, and whether you can handle them internally or need to hire some creative partners to help.

To keep your campaigns moving without struggle, it’s important to figure out what will take to cover all of your bases from one month to the next.

4. Look for Places to Focus Your Campaigns

Many marketers think that planning for the new year means thinking bigger. That’s certainly part of the challenge. But you can also make big gains in your business by finding areas where you can tighten up. There might be campaigns you can cut off, promotions you can end, or channels that aren’t delivering the best ROI for you.

As you look ahead to 2019, see if there are any components of your digital marketing strategy you can do without. Then, you can either save time and money, or at least put them to a more effective use.

Contrary to what your competitors might want you to think, generating leads and sales from the internet isn’t the product of good luck. Instead, it takes a willingness to follow some proven steps based on best practices and common business sense.

Get Bigger Marketing Results in 2019

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