Is Your Business Website Ready for 2020?

We’ve flipped the calendar to a new year, and that has a lot of business owners thinking about what’s ahead in 2020. Many are thinking specifically about their websites, which have become crucial to sales and marketing and our digitally-driven world.

When you have a top-notch web presence for your business, you have an advantage over the competition. When your website isn’t keeping up, on the other hand, it’s hard to keep customers coming your way.

With that in mind, is your business website ready for 2020? Here are four questions you can ask yourself to find the answer…

#1 Is Your Web Design Mobile-Compatible?

The number one sign you need to update or replace your business website is a lack of mobile compatibility. Over the last few years, smartphone and tablet users have become the majority on the web. If your layout isn’t accessible for customers using smaller screens, then it’s probably costing you sales.

Luckily, installing a mobile-ready responsive web design is easier, faster, and more affordable than ever. You just have to make the decision to embrace the technology and let us do the rest.

#2 Do You Need Better Website Performance and Security?

A slow website can be another revenue killer. Studies have suggested the average first-time visitor to your pages will only wait for three seconds before clicking away to one of your competitors. That’s a very short period of time to make a positive first impression.

By upgrading your web hosting package, you can make your site faster and deter hackers from breaking into your pages at the same time. Even better, premium web hosting is incredibly affordable.

#3 When Did You Last Have Your Business Website Audited?

A website audit simply involves digging into the HTML of your pages and looking at things like coding, link structure, search engine visibility, etc. It’s similar to taking a car or truck to the mechanic for a comprehensive inspection.

Website audits are quick and can generate all kinds of insights around content, visitor behavior, and data security. If you haven’t had this kind of review in the past year (or ever) you should talk to us about scheduling one today.

#4 Is Your Website Content Unique and Up-to-Date?

As a rule of thumb, businesses tend to change a lot more frequently than business website content does. Employees come and go, product details evolve, and new promotions are dreamt up. But if business owners forget to make the changes online, or procrastinate in this task, customers don’t get access to current information and specials.

Do yourself and your business a favor by reviewing the content on your website to ensure that it is still accurate and up-to-date. It might feel like a chore today, but it’s usually a smaller job than people think. And, it can help you to boost your sales in 2020.

Let Us Help You Prepare for a New Year of Online Marketing

If you suspect your website isn’t the effective sales and marketing tool it could be, we can help. Contact our team of designers, programmers, and business growth experts today so we can schedule a free consultation and review your online strategy together!

At The Marcom Group, we know from experience that clients are best served when they can call one phone number for anything–which is why we own all of our own hosting equipment and have on-site staff ready to handle everything from design and development, to management and marketing, to the ongoing security maintenance and hosting of your website.