Make Your Online Marketing Videos Stand Out

In today’s digital marketing world, companies of all sizes are using video clips to get their messaging out into the world. It’s not hard to figure out why: video is more engaging than text or static images, and numerous studies have shown that adding clips to landing pages or social media feeds can dramatically boost response rates.

Of course, the benefits of video marketing have always been there. These days, however, it’s less expensive than ever before to produce high-quality videos. Additionally, they are easier to spread, with YouTube, Facebook, Google, and dozens of other platforms available to share your masterpiece with the world.

Unfortunately, the popularity and accessibility of video marketing alone won’t ensure great results. For every handful of clips that helps to drive likes, visits, or conversions, there are literally hundreds of others that go ignored.

If you want to break through and make an impact on buyers with your videos, there are two parts to the formula. The first is producing a great online marketing clip. The second involves promoting it so it gets noticed and acted upon. Today, we are going to give you some quick-and-easy tips you can use to get the superior marketing video you need. Here is what you can do to make your messages stand out…

Know What Your Video is About

Who is your online marketing view for, and what do you want them to learn or think? You shouldn’t start a new project until you can answer those questions. The point of your clip isn’t to produce a video, but to generate marketing results. Unless you have an objective in mind, there isn’t any point in pushing ahead.

Use a Script or Storyboard

Lots of business owners think they work best when they’re being spontaneous, but it’s natural to freeze up in front of a camera if you don’t have a script or outline to follow. Map out your thoughts and ideas before you start to shoot video. Whether you’re working alone with a single camera or have a bigger production in mind, you’ll get better results with a plan.

Get or Rent the Right Equipment

The better your online marketing video looks, the easier it is for customers to trust you. It doesn’t take a big budget to get broadcast-style results. You can buy or rent professional-strength cameras, lighting, and microphones for very little, and viewers will notice the difference immediately. The same applies to your location or backdrop, which can affect the look and feel of your clip.

Edit Your Videos the Right Way

Every marketing video is different, but in general there are a couple of rules you should follow. One is to edit for length and clarity. It’s easier to hold someone’s attention for a couple of minutes than it is for a longer period of time. Second, go easy on the special effects. Today’s software packages make it possible for video editors to do almost anything with graphics or sound, but the focus should be on your message rather than extraneous gimmicks or special effects.

Ask the Viewer for Something

Don’t forget that your video is supposed to help your business. At the end of the clip, ask viewers to like your page, sign up for an email newsletter, view another video, or follow along with some other action. You shouldn’t lose the opportunity you’ve gotten by grabbing their attention for a couple of minutes, because you might not get it again.

These are simple pieces of advice, but they make all the difference when it comes to turning your video into something that actually seems professional and compelling. Put them to good use, and then come back to check out our second post in this series, which will provide some practical tips for sharing your online video clips with your target market…or call us and we’ll get it done!

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