Should You be Worried About WordPress Security?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, with an estimated 172 million websites running on the platform. It’s not hard to see why web designers, business owners, and marketers love it so much—it’s free, flexible, and perfect for promoting content through Google. And, with tens of thousands of plugins available for customization, you can use WordPress to build virtually any kind of web presence you need.

However, that popularity and versatility also come with a small downside: hackers often target WordPress. The sheer number of companies using WordPress encourages them to look for weaknesses that can be exploited again and again.

Does that mean you should be worried about WordPress security? The best answer is probably a mixture of “yes” and “no.” On one hand, you should definitely be thinking about ways to keep your website safe. But on the other hand, it doesn’t mean you have to continually fret over the idea that thieves are going to steal data, mess with your pages, or install malicious software.

If our double-sided answer seems a little confusing, let us explain…

The Risk of Having Your WordPress Website Hacked

It’s an unfortunate fact that thousands of WordPress websites are successfully hacked every day. Once criminals get entry to your admin panel they can change settings, alter content, and insert their own plugins or HTML at will.

In many cases the result of a hack will be the use of scripts that send visitors from your website to another destination. Or, perhaps it will show them offers for shady businesses like online casinos or overseas pharmacies. That’s not good for your credibility, and it can cost you sales from potential customers. Additionally, a hacked website will almost always lose its Google search ranking very quickly.

It’s also worth noting that hacking your website could be the first step towards installing ransomware on your computers, or taking other actions that could seriously harm your business and cause you to lose tens of thousands of dollars. With those consequences in mind, business owners should be paying a lot of attention to the security and stability of their WordPress websites.

How WordPress Websites Get Hacked

There are a few different ways cyber criminals can break into your website, but in most cases they will look to take advantage of outdated software, non-secure plugins, or even simple passwords. None of these methods requires sophisticated software or advanced technical knowledge, but they work because most small business websites aren’t adequately protected.

The average business owner isn’t too familiar with basic cybersecurity practices and might not recognize the signs of a hack until it’s too late. That means thieves have plenty of time to get into a website and do their damage before anyone notices. The cost to the company just gets more extensive (and financially significant) from there.

The Best Way to Protect Your WordPress Website

If you want to keep hackers away from your WordPress site, you could invest time and money in sophisticated software and monitoring. Or, you could simply get help from an experienced web design team that knows how to put these tools to their best use.

At The Marcom Group we have a monthly WordPress security subscription package. It covers everything you need to keep your website safe and sound, including:

  • Live website monitoring and potential intrusion alerts
  • Fast updates to website software and plugins
  • Regular login reports and web analytics reviews
  • Sitewide scans for software compatibility and risks
  • Continuous password and security checks

Best of all, this package comes with a guarantee: in the highly unlikely event hackers do somehow break into your WordPress website with our protection in place we will make any repairs free of charge.