Why Responsive Web Design is Being Replaced by Mobile First Marketing

For the last few years, responsive web design has been a huge trend in our industry. And it still is the recommended way to think about building a new website or upgraded web presence. However, we’re starting to see a slow shift in terminology and perspective. Instead of “responsive” websites that are “mobile compatible,” marketers […]

Why it Might be Time to Develop Your Web App

Just a couple of years ago, there were only two types of clients developing mobile apps: big companies with huge budgets and long-term mobile engagement goals, and entrepreneurs who were hoping to strike it big on sales of consumer apps. Since then, small- and medium-sized business owners have been discovering that there can be big […]

Your Lowest Hanging Fruit is Your Mobile Web Presence, This is How to Capitalize.

We’re long past the point where a responsive or mobile optimized web presence is a “nice-to-have.” Findings from KPCB show that time spent on mobile in the US has increased to 51%, compared to 42% for PCs. Knowing this, we must come to the conclusion that if we’re not reaching mobile prospects via mobile organic (unpaid) […]