The Downside to a Successful SEO Campaign (and How to Fix It)

Most online marketers dream of having a top Google ranking for a high-traffic keyword. That’s because they know those websites with an SEO campaign attracts the most visits, and that those visits frequently turn into phone calls, online inquiries, and even walk-in customers.

However, it’s important to note that there are multiple potential downsides to executing a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Namely that you could suddenly find yourself with a flood of new interest, and that some of your new prospects might not be a great fit for your company.

Granted, getting too many phone calls, email submissions, and inquiries is usually a great problem to have. However, it can lead to difficulties nonetheless, particularly if all the extra activity stops you from paying enough attention to your best current and potential clients.

So, how do you deal with the extra time needed to handle the additional dozens or hundreds of sales inquiries that come your way when you have a high-ranking Google website? Here are a few proven pieces of advice you can follow…

1. Target Keywords in Your SEO Campaign More Specifically

If you and your employees are overwhelmed with requests for information that aren’t all that relevant to your products or services, the first step is to change up your SEO campaign’s focus. You’ll want to get more specific with your keyword targeting so you are attracting potential buyers to your website, rather than simply pulling in people who have an interest in a general topic or industry.

2. Let Prospects Qualify Themselves

One way to increase the quality of your average prospect is to let website visitors qualify themselves. By including information about pricing or testimonials from previous clients (as examples) you can give information-gatherers a good sense of whether or not they are a fit for your business. Then, the ones who are a good match will contact you while the others will keep searching for answers elsewhere.

3. Develop New Product and Service Lines

You may don’t have what a certain segment of the market is looking for now. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t offer it in the future. If you notice there is high demand for a certain product or service, like an SEO campaign, that falls outside of your current lineup, consider developing something new. You might tap into a huge revenue stream that wasn’t obvious or apparent to you before buyers started asking for it.

4. Get Good at Saying “No” Politely

You can’t help everybody, not even people who have money to spend. In some cases it might make sense for you to simply decline the opportunity to meet with certain prospects. In other instances you may want to refer them to a colleague, or even a competitor. Many successful search marketers earn favors and referrals by sending website visitors to other vendors. Those vendors help serve a different segment of the market.

Want to Start Having Better Online Marketing Problems?

As we’ve mentioned, getting too many leads from your business website is a good problem to have. Would you like to stop stressing about your future revenue? See how we can help your business  grow month after month with a SEO Campaign. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We will be happy to show you a new world of online marketing possibilities.


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