What Your Website Wants for Christmas

Your website probably won’t send you a Christmas list this year. But if it could, what would it ask for?

Because we know a lot of business owners get confused about what they do and don’t need in a modern web presence, we’ve decided to fill in. We are going to give you a few quick and easy upgrades you can make without hurting your marketing budget. In the process, we will also give you some tried-and-true strategies for improving website performance, search engine positioning, and profitability.

Here’s what your business website would tell you about what it wants if it had the ability to do so…

1. A Serious WebsiteAudit

If you’ve never had one done, a website audit is just a set of checks and stress tests for your pages. It involves looking to your HTML for errors, measuring the speed and performance of your pages, and looking for the little kinds of errors (like broken links or duplicated content) that can stop Google from indexing your pages.

A thorough website audit doesn’t cost much, but it can give you big insights into what visitors are doing on your pages, how Google sees your content, and so much more. If you’re serious about improving your website—and your bottom line results—it’s always going to be the first step you should consider.

2. A Faster Web Hosting Plan

There was a time when speed was virtually an afterthought when it came to business web design. Now, with so many customers using mobile devices, having pages that load at even a moderate pace can cause you to bleed traffic and lose conversions.

A website audit can help you identify a number of issues that might hurt website performance. However, one of the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable ways to speed things up is by simply upgrading your web hosting package. You would be amazed at the difference a few dollars a month can make.

3. Some New Content

Often, business owners and marketers focus on the aesthetics of their website when its content needs to be updated. If many parts of your company have changed over the last few years, there’s a a good chance that product descriptions, personnel bios, or event calendars have become outdated.

When you update your content, you give buyers accurate information about your business. Also, you show Google that your website is being maintained regularly, which can help with more visibility. It’s one of the smart and most cost-effective ways to keep online visitors coming your way.

4. A 2019 Marketing Strategy

You can do a lot to help your website by making the simple updates we have mentioned in this article. If you want to see a huge difference in your bottom line, though, you have to make sure buyers can find their way to your pages, content, and promotions.

In other words, you’re going to have to do some work to promote your site through search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and social media marketing. The more you put into online marketing, the more you get back in the form of new leads and sales.