Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Web Hosting

Web hosting is an easy topic for business owners to ignore. After all, most don’t really understand how it works, never see the computers where their websites are stored. Also most are easily bored by details like server speeds.

So, rather than get into the technical minutia of different web hosting packages and configurations, today we simply want to remind our clients and readers that it’s time to review your hosting package. In fact, it’s likely that you could benefit from upgrading to a better plan.

Reluctant to spend money on something you don’t quite see the value in? Let’s look at a few things you get with dedicated web hosting…

1. Faster Website Loading Speeds

The biggest advantage of having a premium or dedicated business web hosting package is that your website gets much faster.

This is easy to understand when you remember your pages have to be stored on computers somewhere and then delivered over the internet. The newer, faster, and less crowded those computers (called servers) are, the quicker your website will be.

Not only do customers want faster websites, but so does Google. So, by upgrading your web hosting you could be able to attract more search visits than before, and keep people on your pages for longer. That’s a good way to increase leads and sales.

2. Better Availability and Improved Email Deliverability

For all the reasons better Web servers speed your site up, they also make it available more often. In fact, with a dedicated business-hosting plan you shouldn’t ever have to worry about unplanned website server downtime. That’s important for the reputation of your business, and also for Google’s search algorithm.

In the same way, having your website stored on a bargain-basement server with hundreds or thousands of other websites can mean that you’re sharing an IP address with an online casino or adult website. Why should you care? Because if they have their address or email blocked by internet service providers yours might be, too.

Having good web hosting gives you performance and online marketing advantages. However, it also puts your company in a much more credible and trustworthy light, as well.

3. Access to SSL and Other Security Tools

Entry-level web hosting packages come with the basics. You’ll get a little bit of disk space and an allotted amount of bandwidth every month, but no access to special tools or features.

Unfortunately, some of those “special features” can be important to your website. For example, SSL connections allow you to transmit information to and from visitors securely, as well as helping you to earn a stronger search engine position. Likewise, automatic backups and activity scans protect you from hackers and natural disasters.

Having these tools in place can be a real lifesaver when you need them, and they will further boost your credibility and online marketing.

4. Business Web Hosting Doesn’t Cost a Lot

If the benefits we’ve laid out in this article haven’t convinced you to upgrade your Web hosting package, then you should know that all of them are available for much less than you probably think. In fact, many of our clients spend less on hosting than they do a coffee run for the team.

The point we’re trying to make here is that this is a very easy expense-to-reward decision. If you haven’t already upgraded your web hosting plan, you should look into doing so right away.

What makes The Marcom Group different when it comes to hosting?

The Marcom Group has provided web hosting since 2000. WE OWN ALL OF OUR OWN EQUIPMENT. Why is this important? We know from experience that clients are best served when they can call one phone number for anything regarding their web presence which is why we recommend hosting and registering your domain with us. Our servers are configured with our client’s best interests in mind. Our servers are located in Los Angeles, California in a multi-layered secured facility with armed guards 24/7 and redundant backbone providers in case of any possible network failures.

We offer shared or farmed hosting options and dedicated servers options… meaning your site(s) are the only ones on the computer. All of our options include our security management services.

Want to learn more about web hosting, search engine optimization, and other ways to boost your online marketing efforts? Contact The Marcom Group experts today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!

At The Marcom Group, we know from experience that clients are best served when they can call one phone number for anything–which is why we own all of our own hosting equipment and have on-site staff ready to handle everything from design and development, to management and marketing, to the ongoing security maintenance and hosting of your website.