Why Premium Web Hosting Is a Smart Investment

Why Premium Website Hosting Is a Smart Investment

You see some peculiar things in the web design and website hosting industry. It’s not unusual for a business owner to visit our office in luxury cars, while drinking an expensive coffee. They usually inform us that they’ve selected the cheapest possible website hosting plan they could find.

We chalk these situations up to a lack of information. Most non-technical people don’t understand the ins and outs of web hosting. They tend to choose the lowest price option. However, that can be a big mistake.

Before we get into the reasons why choosing the lowest price website hosting plans can create future problems, we have to explain the issues you face with regular, bargain-basement shared hosting plans. When you sign up for one of these packages your website hosting company stores your website on a server with hundreds or even thousands of others. That digital overcrowding can decrease performance (i.e., the speed your website loads), especially if some of your “neighbors” send spam, have viruses, or are engaged in other unsavory activities.

Conversely, with the premium web hosting plan you get your own dedicated server, or virtual server space. That comes with a number of advantages that make premium website hosting a worthwhile investment. Let’s look at a few of them now…

1. Faster Website Loading

As we have noted, the most obvious and important benefit you get from premium website hosting is faster website delivery. That means whether your customers are using traditional computers or mobile devices, they can get your content faster. The quicker your site is, the less likely you are to have buyers leaving in frustration before they ever see your pages.

2. More Reliable Uptime

Imagine for a moment that someone who represents a perfect possible customer for your business has just been referred your way. This man or woman could buy from you for years to come. But, rather than finding out your products or services are an ideal match, they get a notification that your website is down. That won’t happen with premium hosting, but it could be a concern with your cheap shared hosting plan.

3. Automatic Monitoring and Backups

There are a lot of reasons why a website can suddenly go away. Hackers could break and alter code. You could let your hosting plan lapse accidentally. Or, an employee could accidentally wipe out entire layouts, themes, or content blocks. These are just examples, but they occur more frequently than you might think. When you choose premium website hosting your covered with automatic backups so you can revert to the last saved  backup of your website. It’s worth the value to have backups when you need them.

4. SSL Connectivity

SSL (or Secure Socket Layers) just means that any information sent to or from your website is encrypted with bank-level security. Google and the other search engines like it, as do customers who are concerned about their safety online. SSL is a standard feature with many premium website hosting plans, rather than an add-on cost, making the decision to upgrade even easier.

5. The Bottom Line on Website Hosting Expenses

No matter how you look at it, premium web hosting is nearly always worth the added cost. That’s particularly true when you consider a good dedicated hosting package might cost you less than your morning latte.

To find out whether your hosting package is hurting you, or if there are smart and economical investments you could make to grow your business online, contact our team today to schedule a free consultation.

At The Marcom Group, we know from experience that clients are best served when they can call one phone number for anything–which is why we own all of our own hosting equipment and have on-site staff ready to handle everything from design and development, to management and marketing, to the ongoing security maintenance and hosting of your website.