Why You Shouldn’t Do SEO Without Social (or Vice Versa)

When social media marketing started taking off, some business owners sought it as a way to replace search engine optimization (SEO). With a few tweets and posts, they imagined they might be able to break away from the competitive and sometimes-grueling cycle of generating and promoting content.

Lately, we have seen the opposite happening: that some small and medium-sized companies are ignoring their social profiles to get back to the more proven strategy of turning search visitors into customers. 

We think that’s a mistake. While SEO might be a more direct route to growing your bottom line, social media marketing still has its place. In fact, we don’t think you should invest time and money in search without also paying attention to your social accounts. Let’s look at why.

Search and Social Build Each Other Up

It’s easy to find business owners (not to mention web designers) who feel that either search engine optimization or social media marketing is the more profitable and effective medium for attracting new customers. They feel sure their way is more cost-effective or takes less time.

The reality, though, is that search and social both work. More importantly, they work better together.

When customers find you on Facebook, for example, they are likely to turn to Google for more information if they are interested. They’ll want to know about your company and products, and to see reviews or additional content. They’ll look for the kinds of insights they can’t find in a simple image post.

It’s important to note this can occur even if people don’t remember your brand. Somewhere in their minds they will recall they saw a product or service they were interested in and start searching for it online. That helps to reinforce your keyword strategy and conversions.

This kind of thing happens most often when you have a large social following. So, even though those sales opportunities might not appear to be coming from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., they are helping to feed your SEO funnel.

In the same way, prospects who find you on Google or another search engine may turn to their favorite social network to see if any of their friends or colleagues have tried your business. Or, they might follow your accounts to see if there are discounts and promotions available. The more SEO you have working for you, the larger (and more effective) your social campaigns are going to get.

These are just simple examples, but the bigger point is that search engine optimization and social media marketing are each more effective when you use them in tandem. Or to put it another way, you aren’t going to get the best results from either one if you aren’t using the other. 

Given that both are largely fueled by time and creativity, why not invest a little effort in both? The work you put into generating blog posts can help you generate social content quickly, and vice versa. To make the most of each marketing channel equates to simple common sense.

Is Your Online Strategy Half-Working, or Half-Finished?

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