What Will Your Next Website Do For Your Business?

For many of the business owners we work with, the decision to upgrade or replace an existing business website is an easy one. In a lot of cases, the web presence they have simply doesn’t have the right look, features, or mobile functionality the company needs.

However, deciding to get a new business website is one thing, but creating a plan (and finding a vendor) is quite another. That’s compounded by the fact that a lot of decision-makers don’t really know what they want their new websites to do. They know they need something new or different, but don’t always have specific goals they are trying to accomplish.

With that in mind, we would advise you to begin your next business web design project with a simple question: what will the new website do for your business? What kinds of bottom-line goals do you actually want to achieve?

The answers are all up to you, of course, but here are some common ways you can use a stronger web presence to grow your business, along with a few you might not have considered…

A Website Can Generate Leads

Most business owners who come to us want to have websites to generate phone calls, emails, and even walk-in inquiries. That means they have to attract visits from search engines and social media, and then turn those visitors into interested potential customers or clients.

Your Website Could Help Local Customers to Find You

If you have a retail business that depends on walk-in traffic, then it’s crucial your website be visible to searchers within your city or region. Additionally, you’ll need lots of positive reviews on websites (like Yelp and TripAdvisor) where customers leave feedback for one another.

Websites Bring Cash Through Online Sales

Of course, if you have digital or physical products that can be sold over the internet, it’s possible your website could generate revenue through direct sales. It’s never been easier or more affordable to add shopping carts and other ecommerce extras to a small business website.

Your Site Can Build Up Your Reviews and Reputation

Whether you sell products or services, and regardless of whether your market is B2C or B2B, having positive reviews and a strong online reputation can be incredibly valuable from a marketing perspective. Your web design team can help you to establish and grow your profile across the internet.

You Can Use the Web to Streamline Customer Service

Most businesses waste more time than it’s worth on simple customer service tasks. With the right web tools in place, you can answer frequently asked questions for customers, provide informational videos, and even let your website handle things like returns, account address changes, and recurring orders.

Good Websites Help With Recruiting

Having a strong digital presence is important, but the strength of most businesses still lies in the creativity and productivity of their employees. Luckily, your website can help you with your ongoing recruiting efforts, bringing you better employees who stay with your company for longer.

Your Website Can Automate Administrative Tasks

A lot of business owners don’t realize it, but a good website can automate things like scheduling, event registration, and tasks like tax reporting. A good web designer can help you find ways to use the internet to save time week after week.

Chances are, you want your next pages to do several of these things, and maybe all of them. By keeping that perspective in mind, you can make the important website planning and decision process much easier. After all, it’s much easier to get the website you need when you know what you’re actually trying to accomplish.

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