How To Break Customer Indecision Online

One of the most difficult things to deal with, as an online marketer, is seeing a trend of customers leaving your website at the last minute. They might abandon a shopping cart, close a window before filling out a lead form, or go back to Google when they should pick up the phone.

Why does this customer indecision cost you money? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

Although every buyer and visit is unique, potential customers generally leave you without taking action for one of three reasons: they didn’t intend to buy anything in the first place, don’t have enough information your product or service, or don’t feel sufficiently motivated on an emotional level to move forward. Almost any conversion problem you face is going to come down to one of those issues.

Luckily, none of them are impossible to solve. With that in mind, look let’s look at some fixes you can employ to get customers to place an order or fill out a form instead of clicking away from your website…

1. Sharpen Your Search and Social Campaigns

If the visitors you are attracting to your website aren’t actually buyers, that’s a sign you need to change the focus of your search engine optimization and social media efforts. Tweak your keyword strategy or advertise to new audiences so you can bring in people who are going to take action on your offers. This is an area where a skilled web design team can be a great resource.

2. Make an Irresistible Offer

By the time a website visitor reaches your conversion page they are extremely close to doing business with you. Now you just have to seal the deal. Why not persuade them to take that last extra step by offering them a discount or a free gift? You may find that sweetening the offer just a little is all it takes to increase conversions, especially if they have to respond in a time-sensitive fashion.

3. Use the Power of Real Testimonials

We all know how difficult it is to give our contact information, much less our money, to a company we don’t know on the internet. They could be anywhere and do anything. You can calm a new customer’s fears by showing them reviews and testimonials from previous buyers. This is a particularly effective strategy if the reviews are organic and verifiable.

4. Guarantee Their Safety

Another way to take the anxiety out of working with your company is to offer your customers a money-back guarantee. If you pair this with a Better Business Bureau certificate or some other sign of safety, it could go a long way towards showing them you are a legitimate company they can trust. That, in turn, can help them to make the plunge if they’re on the fence about working with you.

5. Give Them a Second or Third Chance

Finally, don’t forget that even motivated buyers don’t always make decisions right away. You can give them second and third chances by using exit pop-up windows, remarketing ads, and email or social sign-ups that let you keep in touch. There are businesses who have doubled and tripled their conversion rates just by giving potential buyers one more chance to say “yes.”

Need an Online Marketing Team Who Understands Business?

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